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I am incredibly honored to receive this Founders Award from the Balm In Gilead. So, on behalf of myself and the great cloud of witnesses who have been cheering me on since day one, I say thank you to Pernessa Seele and her staff who thought me worthy of this award.

My life’s work has been in the creative arts area both visual and performing arts by way of Lex Graphics, Lex Collection and Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center (THPAC). I encountered Pernessa Seele back in 1989. She had started a program called Harlem Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS which later become The Balm In Gilead. She was looking for someone to graphically convey the message of her budding organization. My small graphic design company, Lex Graphics fit the bill. It would be a lifelong association. I could not be more grateful.

I have always looked on my pursuit of the visual & performing arts to both inspire and yes, even heal. I am more than pleased to accept this recognition for my continuing work to help heal and bring communities together. I am also eternally grateful to the late writer, and AIDS activist Craig Harris who initially introduced me to Pernessa.

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